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Report On HMG/UNDP/ILO Tripartie National Seminar On The Development Of BAsic Vocational Training In Nepal ( 30th April - 2nd May 1990 )
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In the plan for development, human resources have been regarded as one of the most effective means of stimulating economic growth. It takes skilled manpower to discover and exploit natural resources, to develop technology, to poduce goods and carry on trade.
Development programmes can face serious bottlenecks in the absence of adequate supply of required skills needed by different sectors of the economy. This has become a major concern for His Majesty's Government of Nepal which is facing acute shortages of skilled manpower needed to implement its various development programmes and industrial activities. Hence, the vocation training, obviously, has a vital role to play in the overall context of national development process. This activity has gained further momentum in the present era of employment crises where milli6ns of people are finding difficulties to earn a decent living due to lack of skills needed for jobs.
Vocational training and skill development programmes in general in Nepal, are not only part of the responsibilities of a number of government ministries and departments, but also carried out by various projects and private agencies. Hence need has been felt to evolve a common, standardized and efficient approach to such training and a proper co-ordinating mechanism be established between various training institutions to avoid duplication of efforts and wastages of scarce resources and energies. It has become, therefore essential to identify precisely the existing basic vocational training programmes and schemes to examine their characteristics to evaluate them and to find solutions to the difficulties they face in their practical operations.
The Basic Vocational Training Project NEP/84\039, which for the implementation of its activities, collaborates closely with the Department of Labour (DOL), which is the Government Implementing Agency (GIA) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MOLSW), as well as with Labour Supply Centers (LSCs), started its programmed activities in 1987 with a view to provide Nepal's underprivileged population with basic skills in different trades to meet the needs of industries, to reduce the country's dependence on imported skilled manpower and to promote non-agricultural self- employment activities in rural areas.
The project has successfully completed its fist phase at constructing and equipping two LSCs at Hetauda and Itahari, training LSCs chiefs and instructors, developing curricula, labour market information system, and employment services activities for these centers. The present seminar is the outcome of the final Tripartite .Review Meeting (TPR) of the Basic Vocational Training Project (BVTP) held in Kathmandu on the 10th of December 1989 which agreed unanimously to conduct a national seminar in the spring of 1990. It was also emphasized that such seminar should be held on the basis of tripartite participation to bring together the representatives of government, employers and workers, as well as some donor agencies to find practical solutions to some of the unresolved issues emerging in the domain of vocational training for large proportion of Nepal's population.
The seminar was inaugurated by the Honourable Minister for Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Nilamber Acharya. It was attended by 80 representatives from various Ministries and Departments of His Majesty's Government, Banking Institutions, Vocational and Skill Training Institutions, Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Trade Unions and private organizations, United Nations Development Programme and ILO projects, donor agencies and distinguished observers involving in the field of vocational and technical training.
HMG, UNDP, ILO ,   (1990 )
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12.02.00  -  Skills Development
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