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Construction Information Paper : The Construction Industry In Nepal : Practices, Problems And Needs
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The Seminar was designed to provide a framework within which the participants could review international experience in construction industry development, then review local practices, problems and needs, with a view to formulating detailed proposals for submission to Government. Following an Inaugural Address by the Honourable Minister of Works and Transport, Mr. M.J. Shakya, and a Welcome Address by the Secretary MOWT
and Seminar Chairman, Mr.RN .Rana, the following four papers were presented:
1. The experience of the ILO Construction Management Programme in integrated construction
industry development, by Derek Miles, ILO, Geneva.
2. Construction industry in Nepal: A review of problems, prospects and opportunities, by Iswer R. Onta, Director, East Consult (P) Ltd.
3. The experience of the Indian National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR), by Professor K.N. Void, Director, NICMAR.
4. Nepalese contractors and their problems, by the Contractors' Association of Nepal.
The participants then divided into three working groups to study the following topics:
Group 1 : Establishment of a construction management centre to support the development of the construction industry;
Group 2 : Problems faced by the Government as the regulator and main client of the industry, and their possible solution;
Group 3: Problems faced by the private sector (contractors, consultants, independent engineers and other professionals), and their possible solution.
Growing interest in the performance of the construction industry has been stimulated by the demand for development infrastructure and an appreciation of the scope for employment
creation through the use of labour-based technologies.
ILO ,   (1991 )
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05.05.00  -  Construction Industry And Engineering
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