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Kathmandu Office Newsletter : Volume II, Issue IV ( October - December 2010)
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In this issue:
1. “Recovery Begins with Teachers”, Celebrating World Teachers’ Day 2010.
2. Neo-literate persons’ appeal to be recognized as able and independent citizen.
3. UNESCO report shows Nepal has yet to achieve the EFA goal on literacy for all.
4. Research on transition from primary to secondary education.
5. An interview with Margarete Sachs-Israel on NFE-MIS.
6. NFE-MIS: Developing planning and monitoring tools for Non-Formal Education in Nepal.
7. Reducing Disaster Risk with Nepal’s education sector.
8. Nepal celebrates World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.
9. Nepal PM highlights importance of UNESCO’s Lumbini preservation project.
10. Archaeological research re-commences at Lumbini.
UNESCO ,   (2010 )
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 UNESCO : Educational, Scientific and Cultural
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