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WFP Nepal: Earthquake - Situation Report: 19 (July 2015)
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1. WFP’s earthquake response has so far reached over 893,600 earthquake- affected people with food, cash and nutrition support. Of the total assisted people, over 86,100 have been reached through WFP’s cash for assets programme. Through this cash-based programme, WFP has injected over US$1 million into the local economy, allowing cash for assets participants themselves to reinvigorate the local markets.
2. August will see the beginning of the third and final phase of the earthquake response
continuing through to December 2015. In this phase the emphasis will be on the rehabilitation of critical assets, such as common facilities and community trails. WFP’s cash and food for assets activities will be complemented by nutritional interventions treating moderate acute malnutrition in children. WFP will ensure that affected households continue to receive vital assistance until the next harvest, that they have the means to rehabilitate critical assets, and are supported in the restoration of basic livelihoods.
3. Without essential and urgent funding for its services in the coming weeks, UNHAS flights will only be able to operate until the end of August. UNHAS, the WFP-managed UN humanitarian air service, continues to provide the entire humanitarian community in Nepal with timely access to hard-to-reach locations and deliver urgent humanitarian supplies, facilitating the implementation of life-saving projects. With demand remaining at a constant high, UNHAS is maintaining its current schedule with a daily operational costs of US$100,000 and requires a budget increase of US$4 million to be able to operate until the end of October. This will raise funding shortfalls to US$8.5 million.
4. WFP has received generous contributions from many donors, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, ECHO, Germany, Japan, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, United States, UN CERF and private donors.
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