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Project Information Sheet : Empowering Women for Women (W4W) : Access to Land for Sustainable Peace in Nepal
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Land issue was one of the primary drivers of ten years of armed conflict in Nepal. The conflict has devastated thousands of lives and properties in the country. In 2006, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed and both the CPA and the 2007 Interim Constitution committed to implement a scientific land reform for resolving land-related disputes and to move Nepal’s peace process forward. Nonetheless after over eight years of signing of the agreement, land reform in Nepal remains far from implementation and land issues still prevail equally complex and contentious.
Women are still a minority in land related discussions and policy making processes and are
generally excluded from the resolution of conflicts over usage and ownership of land, at both community and national levels. On the other hand, land insecurity and difficult access to land ownership have proven to fuel a vicious circle of pervasive poverty and tensions in many different situations in Nepal.
The conflict and subsequent internal and external migration fluxes has caused a significant shift in household gender roles and responsibilities throughout the region. Most importantly, given the thousands of cases of disappearances, physical injuries and deaths during the conflict, the number of de facto female headed households, as well as women taking a lead role in cultivation and other land use matters, has significantly
This project “Empowering Women for Women (W4W): Access to Land for Sustainable Peace in
Nepal” is built upon the main findings and gaps identified by the Catalytic Support on Land Issues, a joint project of IOM, UNDP and UN Habitat (2013- 2015). It includes women that were almost absent and/ or not able to make their voices heard in the land reform discussions process. It aims to support processes associated or linked with land reform in Nepal by enabling women to play an active role as agents of change.
In responding to the several progressive gender sensitive directives passed by the Supreme Court (SC), the Government of Nepal (GoN) has introduced mechanisms and undertook an effort to enhance women’s access to land and property and women’s tenure security. For instance, depending on the geographic location, the GoN has been exempting 25% to 50% tax on registration, when land is owned by women and in case of a single woman; she gets an additional 10% tax exemption. Moreover, the Government is promoting joint registration of land rights in the names of husbands and wives. These initiatives have the potential to make a significant contribution to peace building efforts undertaken in Nepal during the transition period.

UNDP, IOM, UNHABITAT ,   (2015 )
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