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Value Chain Designing of Kurilo of Panchase Protected Forest Area
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Kurilo which is known as Asparagus in english belonging to Liliaceae family is a perennial under shrub of sub-tropical regions of Nepal. Its roots, tubers and tender shoots are widely used for food, medicinal and commercial purposes. Gon/MoFSC/DPR listed Kurilo as one amongst the 30 prioritised species for cultivation and economic development.
The major objective of this study is to prepare comprehensive value chain analysis report of Kurilo. Specific objectives are:
1. Suggest present value chain constraints of Kurilo as per the experiences of other areas
2. Suggest business service provision gaps and how it can be fulfilled
3. Suggest key business enabling environment constraints and opportunities
4. Suggest sustainable business system of NTFPs from successful lessons learnt from different parts of Nepal
UNDP, UNEP, IUCN, GoN ,   (2014 )
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04.02.02  -  Crops
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