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UNESCO Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 2: April - June 2011
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This volume includes the following headlines:
1. Lumbini’s cultural wealth can inspire economic growth
2. Project on Education for Sustainable Development launched
3. Campaign launched to protect illiterate women from HIV/AIDS
4. Fight poverty, invest in girls, global action week for education for all focuses on gender discrimination
5. UNESCO commissions study on multilingual education in Nepal
6. Promoting mother tongue based literacy through community learning centres
7. UNESCO study prepares solid ground for improving teacher training
8. Empowering Nepalese women through mother tongue-based literacy
9. Nepal still faces many challenges to address copyright infringement and anti-piracy issue
10. Reporting on protecting World Heritage properties
11. Lord Buddha’s birthplace undergoes successful preservation programme
12. Preserving our past for future
13. UN chief Ban Ki-Moon reaffirms support to Lumbini
14. Number of rhinoceros increased to 508 in Chitwan National Park
15. Protecting value liquid asset
16. International help needed to protect Pashupati Temple Complex
17. Freedom of expression on the internet is a basic right
18. Long-term IPDC support strengthens community radio movement in Nepal
19. Journalists’ security dominates post-conflict coverage of Nepal’s media
20. Nepal celebrated World Press Freedom Day on 3 May
21. UNESCO participates in UN Trainee Programme for Socially excluded groups
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