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3F CRISIS: Impact on Education - Quarterly Monitoring Report (October–December 2009)
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1. The use of coping mechanisms that negatively impact on children‘s education has remained more or less stable between the third and fourth quarters of 2009; however, there has been a slight increase in the practices of reducing educational expenses and sending children to school to benefit from incentives.
2. Some 14 per cent of parents took their children out of school for work (mainly household work) at least once during the quarter. Average monthly student attendance has decreased to 64 per cent this quarter compared to 67 per cent last quarter—this might be linked to an increased incidence of child labour for agricultural work, owing to the harvesting season.
3. Dalit households, households in the Karnali region, households who reported food price rises as a major shock experienced in this quarter, large households, poverty-stricken households, and households using kerosene as a source for light are more likely to take education-related coping mechanisms to cope with the crisis. For example, 41 per cent of Dalit respondents reduced educational expenses in this quarter.
UNICEF, GoN, RIDA ,   (2009 )
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