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Rapid progress is being made to harmonise the national Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector including the first ever National Hygiene and Sanitation Master Plan launched by the President of Nepal, the first WASH Joint Sector Review led by the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MPPW), and the first WASH Sector Status Report-2011 published as a sector baseline. In UNICEF-targeted districts the most disadvantaged, sanitation coverage has increased from 36% in 2008 to 50% in 2011 (benefitting close to 1 million people) and improved drinking water facilities have increased by 3%.The potential for establishing a national child protection system was enhanced through the expansion of village-level Paralegal Committees (PLCs) (from 720 to 975), and district coverage from 23 to 59. At national level, sustained advocacy efforts have resulted in important amendment proposals to bring the draft Children’s Bill, Criminal and Civil Codes in line with international standards as well as raised awareness on key child protection issues among high level officials.On 18 September 2011, an earthquake of 6.9 on the Richter scale hit Eastern Nepal. Approximately 1,500 classrooms in 600 schools were fully or partially damaged, affecting the education of 30,000 children. UNICEF assisted the Government and other partners to identify the need for temporary learning centres (TLCs). UNICEF provided 499 out of the 700 TLCs established, alongside drinking water and WASH facilities, and distributed Early Childhood Development Kits and School Kits enabling 15,000 children to resume their classes.The National Planning Commission, various Ministries, and other development partners were supported to develop the first-ever, fully-costed Multi-Sector Nutrition and Food Security Action Plan focused on interventions needed during the critical period of 1,000 days (from conception up to two years of age).
UNICEF ,   (2012 )
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