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Training Manual for Combating Citrus Decline Problem in Nepal (July 2011)
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Although, Citrus is grown in 53 mid- hill districts of Nepal, it is now being extended to terai (for instance, kagati, kinnow) area too. The total area is 33898 ha, out of which only 22903 ha is productive. The total production is 2, 59,191 MT; however, the average productivity is only 11.32 mt/ha. The total monetary value of the production @ Rs 20/kg is Rs. 5183.0 million per annum, which is a significant amount in the fruit sector. Of the fruit area in Nepal, citrus shares nearly 32% of the total area among which the contribution of mandarin is nearly 21%. Similarly, the share of citrus in total fruit production is 37%, in which mandarin is a major commodity. Its share in total production is nearly 25%. Needless to say, this indicates that citrus is the major fruit in Nepal that has a significant place in the socio-economic well being of the Nepalese farmers.
In fact, citrus crop was identified by APP as the high value crop that can help to improve livelihoods and quality of the mid- hill people. However, not much has been achieved so far, as it has still remained as rhetoric only. Moreover, existing citrus orchards have been declining at faster rate particularly in western development region. Same is case with sweet orange in Ramechap and Sindhuli districts. Decline is syndrome attributed to several factors. However, the extent of decline and losses has not been correctly assessed in Nepal, nor attempts have been made for mapping the malady. Mismanagement (farmers’ reluctance to invest on citrus orchard), wide use and distribution of unhealthy citrus saplings, increasing drought/dryness, lack of using balanced plant nutrition and application of updated technology are some of the major factors contributing citrus decline problem in Nepal.
FAO ,   (2011 )
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