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A Study of Girls and Women Employed in The Restaurants of Selected Cities in Nepal
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In the early 1990s, with the introduction of liberal market policies, different types of work emerged for women, particularly in the business sector, in Nepal. Restaurants (dance, dohori, and cabin restaurants) are attractive to women seeking employment as literacy and training are no bar to obtaining a job.The National Human Rights Commission, Office of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking of Women and Children (ONRT), with technical support from ILO/ IPEC, has conducted this study on the situation of girls and women employed in the entertainment sector, to protect the labor rights of girls and women.The study used mainly quantitative information collection techniques.The sites selected for fieldwork were the three largest cities in Nepal: Kathmandu (Kathmandu district), Biratnagar (Morang district), and Pokhara (Kaski district). Restaurants were selected randomly in each site. The working environment is not good; they are underpaid, work long hours and endure sexually harassing and abusive treatment from their employers and customers. There is a need for strong action by policy makers to improve the situation of the girls and women working in dance, dohori, and cabin restaurants in Nepal.
ILO ,   (2006 )
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