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Proposed Loan and Grant to the Government of Nepal for the High-Value Agriculture Project in Hill and Mountain Areas
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To reduce poverty and social disharmony in hill and mountain areas, experience has shown that the issue of economic isolation needs to be addressed. Poverty persists in these areas because of poor infrastructure and access to services and markets. This has been exacerbated by conflict and economic exclusion linked to gender, ethnicity and caste. Stronger connectivity among farmers, input suppliers,traders/ agribusinesses and downstream markets is fundamental to increasing agricultural diversification, productivity and incomes. Such increases can be achieved through initiatives focused on high-value crops, non-timber forest products (NTFPs), medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) and livestock. Appropriate pro-poor value chains and market systems for these high-value commodities can be developed through better access to technical services, finance, input supplies and market information, and improved infrastructure. The project is designed to exploit the unsatisfied demand for these commodities from the private sector and the opportunities for export and import substitution.

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