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EFA Movement and Nepal’s Progress Amidst Violent Conflict
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The World Declaration on Education for All held in Dakar in 2000 (the Dakar Framework of Action – DFA) realized that the targets were tough to achieve as many developing countries were reeling to emerge from the hegemony of dictatorial regime to a democratic system. As such, like many other developing nations, Nepal also missed the EFA targets set for year 2000. Nevertheless, and contrary to many developing nations, Nepal presents a good example of peaceful transition from monarchy to democratic reform. While the world conference on EFA was being held in Jomtien from March 5, 1990, major political allies in Nepal had already declared People’s Movement (Jana Aandolan-I2).Although the movement had several consequences, it eventually paid off by forcing the then king to accept democratic reform in the country. Amidst all these distractions, Nepal could still achieve phenomenal growth in its education sector. Between Jomtien (1990) and Dakar (2000) declarations,record growth was noted in literacy rates (14% points in 6+ age), number of primary schools (43%), primary enrollment (29%), and school teachers (36%)3. The change in political order not only augmented people’s aspiration but the new governments attempted to win people's heart by bringing popular policy and schemes. The world declaration on education obligated many developing countries to prepare national education development programs and many developed countries to extend their support to achieve EFA targets. As such, Nepal was also able to mobilize external support from major donors to achieve its development targets in school education.

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