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Community Based Landslide Treatment in Nepal
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Frequent landslides in mid-hill districts have caused damage to productive land at the lower basin and affected human settlements and agriculture activities both upstream and downstream. Extensive areas of productive land were left fallow because of their vulnerability to landslides, and many settlements were displaced, mostly to the Terai region from the mid-hills. The communities in the mid-hills practice an integrated approach for landslide treatment, which includes a series of conservation practices strategically planned along the river. In Nepal, and especially in the mid-hill areas, more than 80% of the territory is characterized by steep hills and mountains prone to landslides. especially during the rainy season. Landslides are aggravated by improper land use patterns and deforestation, leading to vegetation loss and exposure of soil surface to run off water and subsequent soil erosion. Slope failure is developed due to progressive external loads and deteriorations of slope geomaterials. Other factors include soil properties, presence of water bodies and unavailability of proper vegetation on soil surface. Community-based integrated methods for landslide treatment to reduce the impacts of landslides on settlements and agricultural lands.

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