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WFP has been working in Nepal since 1963 in response to frequent natural disasters, low agricultural productivity and slow economic growth. Fifteen percent of the country’s 26.5 million population remains undernourished, while school drop-out rates are as high as 30 percent. Within the Zero Hunger Challenge framework, WFP Nepal supports the Government of Nepal in strengthening the resilience of the most vulnerable communities by building long-term human capital and productive assets. While the 5-year Country Programme (CP) focuses on building social safety nets in nutrition, education and resilience for up to 492,909 people, WFP also continued to support 30,000 Bhutanese refugees (in 2014) living in eastern Nepal with food assistance through a Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO). WFP also assisted 80,000 people displaced by monsoon floods and landslides in 2014 through an Immediate Response Emergency Operation (IR-EMOP) in four mid-western districts. The operation was followed by an Emergency Operation (EMOP) that continued to assist up to 168,511 people in 2014. Additionally, WFP works to enhance the Government’s capacity to formulate and implement policies on food security, nutrition, education and emergency preparedness at the local, regional and central levels. In 2014, WFP Nepal aimed to provide food assistance to 492,909 food-insecure people through Nutrition Support, Education Support, and Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) activities as a part of its CP, contributing to the WFP Strategic Objectives 3 and 4. Under the McGovern Dole funded Education Support component, WFP also enhanced the quality of primary education using information and communication technology (ICT) based teaching and learning methods, water and sanitation (WASH) projects in schools and supporting the capacity development of government staff. Food assistance to refugees from Bhutan (PRRO), ongoing since 1992, served about 30,000 people in 2014. An ongoing EMOP in its first phase, reached 168,511 flood and landslide affected people with General Food Distribution (GFD) in the Mid-Western and Far-Western Development Regions contribute to Strategic Objectives 1 and 2. Three additional programmes, funded through trust funds, complement the WFP assistance. The Nepal Food Security Monitoring System (NeKSAP) monitors the food and nutrition security situation across 72 out of 75 districts of Nepal through District Food Security Networks (DFSNs). The Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) programme focuses on developing and implementing emergency preparedness and response plans in the area of logistics, telecommunications and food security. Finally, WFP participates in a study on low birth weight in South Asia under a trust fund project, together with the implementing partner, Mother and Infant Research Activities.

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