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Factors Affecting Women Entrepreneurship in Small and Cottage Industries in Nepal - Oppurtunities and Constraints
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Women entrepreneurship,in a formalized sense, is a relatively new phenomenon in Nepal.Although certain ethnic communities in the country, especially the Newars and Tibeto-Burman Highland Groups such as the sherpas, Gurungs, Thakalis are known to have a long tradition of women being involved in small business enterprises ?(CEDA,1981,) it is only within the last ten years that the concept of women entrepreneurship has progressively gained some acceptance in the overall dominant majority within the Nepalese society. With the growing recognition the women have unique talents which could be harnessed for development,and for creating employment opportunities for others who are not suited to an entrepreneurial career, developing women as entrepreneurs has become an important part of national development planning and strategies. Gender equality and economic development go hand in hand.since the early 1980s,the policy maskers and planners have become acutely aware of the economic significance of women's productive activities and the nature of their contribution to income generation. It has been firmly established that women in Nepal are vital and productive contributors to the national economy but their access to knowledge,skills ,resources, opportunities and power still remain rather low (Shtrii Shakti,1995). Although women constitute a little over one half on Nepal's population they rank lower than men in almost every social indicators in the country. Within the increasing tides of poverty in Nepal. Women are the poorest of the poor, a relatively more deprived segment even from among the poor (World Bank,1991)

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