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Recent cases of bird flu in the Eastern Terai continue to result in falling chicken prices across the country as consumers remain concerned about purchasing the product. In Kathmandu the price of chicken fell by almost 25 percent this month. The price of musuro (broken lentil) increased by three percent this month. Price increases were most noticeable in Terai markets where prices increased on average by more than 10 percent. Rice prices marginally increased this month and are expected to gradually continue increasing until the paddy harvest in November. The seasonal downward trend in the price of rice has ended. Prices are 3 percent higher than last month, and are expected to gradually increase until the next harvest in November. The price of musuro (broken lentil) increased by three percent this month. Price increases were most noticeable in Terai markets where they were up on average by more than 10 percent. As the Terai is generally the first point of trade for imported musuro, it is expected that price increases will filter into the hill and mountain districts within the next month. Soybean oil prices remained largely stable, while mustard oil prices increased in line with seasonal expectations (up by 6 percent). Compared to last year, prices are up by 22 percent and 27 percent respectively Wheat prices also remained largely stable, and are only marginally higher than last year, up by 4 percent. Reported cases of bird flu in the Terai caused chicken prices to fall in most markets as consumer concern increased. Recent reports indicate that up to 1,000 chickens in Biratnagar may have died from the virus. In Kathmandu the price of chicken fell by almost 25 percent. Consumers are instead purchasing fish in greater quantity, and the price of fish has increased by 10 percent. The government has begun selling key food items including rice, wheat and sugar, in response to reported carteling behavior by major food wholesalers. Reportedly, the government is selling food items in major consumer markets for around 15 percent less than other wholesalers. However, this is not expected to have a major impact on overall prices as the quantity is relatively small.

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