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Ensure Rights of Persons With Disabilities to Education in Federal Nepal
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Over 70 participants including 50 persons with disability representing four development regions gathered in Kathmandu on 16 and 17 January to discuss ways of ensuring the rights to education for persons with disability in federal Nepal.The workshop, the first of its kind focusing on persons with disability and federalism, drew the attention of the concerned
authorities to activities aimed at moving educational policy and practice in a more inclusive direction.Organized by the Disability Independence Development Association Nepal in cooperation with the National Federation of Disabled Nepal, the workshop was part of the UNESCO/UNPFN project “Planning Effective Delivery of Education in a Future Federal State”.This interaction intends to broaden the scope of debate to ensure the rights to education of the persons with disability in federal structure. I am hopeful that the issues and suggestions will bring a practical perspective to the debate and will help Constituent Assembly members and policy makers to fill the gaps and reduce structural barriers in education”education sector; and finally working towards the implementation of the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.The workshop was chaired by Honorable Ranju Jha, Chairperson of Parliamentarian Committee for Women, Children, Elderly People and Social Welfare.
UNESCO/UNPFN ,   (2015 )
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