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A Review Of Current Practices Of Revenue Generation From Natural Resources For The Local Bodies Of Nepal
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Sand, gravel, stones(SG&S), and other mined natural resources are foundations of both the ancient and modern world. The great structures and wonders of the world would not have been possible without these resources. However, reckless use of these resources has also led to serious human and property consequences in many countries. Nepal, a mountainous country, has an abundance of SG&S resources which, if utilized judiciously, could help shape Nepal’s development and affluence. However, a balanced outlook on Nepal’s SG&S sub-sector seems to be lacking. There are two extreme outlooks one that tries to accumulate wealth at cost of environment, and the other which opts to keep the resources intact and untouched. In this situation, it is imperative for the country to seek a prudent outlook on the sub-sector so that undesirable extremes of “quick-and-dirty extraction” and “non-extraction” are substituted by “environmentally regulated extraction,” for which to become feasible, the sub-sector must be observed and studied thoroughly. The objective of this study is to produce economic evidence on the economic, social and environmental impacts of current practices of revenue generation from the extraction and use of natural resources such as sand, gravel, and stone(SG&S), with a particular emphasis on rock and stone mining at the local level, and to recommend ways for optimal generation and use of local bodies’(LB) fiscal revenue.
GoN, UNEP/UNDP ,   (2011 )
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
02.06.01  -  Public Finance
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