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National Capacity Self-Assessment For Global Environment Management - Nepal - Cross-cutting Analysis Report
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The Convention on Biological Diversity(CBD) is the first global agreement on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity and also one of the most broadly subscribed international environmental treaties in the world. A total of 190 parties have so far signed the Convention since the opening of it for signature at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Nepal signed the CBD during the Earth Summit on 12 June 1992, ratified it on 23 November 1993, and became a Party to the Convention on 21 February 1994. The Environment Division in the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation serves as the national focal point to the Convention. The CBD has three main goals: (i)the conservation of biodiversity, (ii)sustainable use of its components, and (iii)equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources. The other important issues raised by the CBD include: access to genetic resources and benefit sharing, impact assessment, benefit sharing of research and technology transfer, and financial resources and mechanisms
to achieve conservation goals. The Convention has suggested an ecosystem approach in the management of forest and biodiversity and includes provisions on cross-sectoral integration, technology transfer and cooperation, compliance, cooperation and reporting.

GoN, UNDP ,   (2008 )
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Progress Report in English
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
13.02.00  -  Disaster Prevention, Preparedness And Relief
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