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Green Economy Sectoral Study -Bio Trade Harnessing The Potential for Transitioning to a Green Economy – The Case of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants in Nepal
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Nepal is a rich country in South Asia in terms of natural resources. Nepal is also regarded as a rich country in terms of biodiversity, which, if developed properly, could be a major source of income and employment for the large number of people living in rural areas. The growing global demand for natural and environmentally friendly products, today, speaks of the vast potential of
Bio Trade to contribute to the strengthening of the country's economy and rural livelihoods. Given this background, this document reports the findings of a study on the potential of Bio Trade to facilitate Nepal's transition to a green economy, in which goals of social equity and environmental conservation are achieved jointly with economic prosperity.The growth in production and trade of bio products has great potential to reduce poverty, especially
among women and disadvantaged. addition, the prudent use of biodiversity products substantially helps preserve our fragile environment and supports the regeneration of depleting stocks of wild species. The concept of Bio-trade was introduced by the Secretariat of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in 1996. Bio Trade is defined by UNCTAD as Activities of collection, production, transformation and commercialization of goods and services derived from native biodiversity under the criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability.Nepal is a landlocked country, bordering with China to the north and India to the west, south and east. Nepal has three
main topographic zones that run across the breadth of the country: the southern Terai plains flanked to the north by the Sidewalk Hills, the Mid-hills and the Himalayan mountains .
UNEP/UNDP ,   (2012 )
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