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United Nations Peace-Building Strategy for Nepal 2011-12
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Major challenges lie ahead as Nepal works through its transition towards peace. Many of these are laid-out in the recently published Nepal Peace and Development Strategy.prepared by Nepal‘s international development partners, which takes stock of progress in implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The UN system remains fully engaged with Nepal and recognizes the need to make a cohesive and effective contribution to the peace-building process as articulated in the PDS.UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) cycle that begins in January 2013, it is important to develop a strategy that responds to the period between now and then and also extends beyond the development sphere. This was reinforced by the Secretary-General‘s Policy Committee decision of 16 December 2010 that directed the UN Nepal Country Team to articulate a medium-term strategy for peace-building support to Nepal,intensify its support to the constitution writing process, and prepare to assist in the implementation of the final decisions on new federal structures.
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