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Evaluation of Academic Detailing Programme on Childhood Diarrhoea Management by Primary Healthcare Providers in Banke District of Nepal
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Academic detailing, an educational interventionism, in which a trained healthcare professional visits clinicians in their offices to provide
evidence-based information, has been used as a major tool to improve rational use of medicines since it was started for the first time in 1983. The process involves face-to-face education of clinicians by trained academic derailleurs. The academic derailleurs are usually healthcare professionals, like pharmacists, clinicians, nurses, or any persons trained on the subject matter. Academic detailing programmers have been particularly used for improving the knowledge of clinicians on particular topics, changing prescribing pattern of targeted drugs to be consistent with medical evidence, providing medical care in cost-effective ways, or minimizing risks to patients due to wrong practice A meta-analysis, including 69 studies involving more than 15,000 healthcare professionals, reported that academic detailing, as a single intervention or in combination with other interventions, had relatively small but consistent and important influence on prescribing behavior.The same study also suggested that effects of academic detailing on other types of professional performance of healthcare providers varied from small to modest improvements; however, the authors were unable to quantify such variations.The study population comprised healthcare providers in Bank district, who had legal right to prescribe medicines and were working in primary healthcare settings and pharmacies.randomized control trial on healthcare was conducted to evaluate the impact of academic detailing programmer on the childhood diarrhea management by primary healthcare providers in Bank district of Nepal.The present study successfully evaluated the impact of academic detailing programmer on prescribing pattern, adherence of participants to childhood diarrhea treatment guidelines and prescription cost
among the primary healthcare providers in Banke district of Nepal.

WHO/UNICEF ,   (2013 )
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10.02.00  -  Comprehensive Health Services
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