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Emerging social, economic and political arenas of Nepal have contributed to the change in people perceptions and have raised their aspirations for better education. Equally, the global and global contexts and trends have also triggered the process of change in education. Thus, Nepal reform in education is a response to multiple realities, underpinning the agenda for transformation and development for immediate long-term perspectives.The change in Nepal’s education has also been viewed as a peace dividend. The process for the reform initiatives has been a remarkable engagement of all stakeholders, ranging from school to the center, and from practitioners to the policy makers across the continuum.The Government has placed emphasis on the preparatory work and the readiness for the system to embark on the reform process.the recent peace and political stability, combined with a growing awareness of the value of education have contributed to a significant increase in the demand for expectations from public educational services.The government of Nepal, however, prepared a five-year School Sector Reform Plan with seven year horizon, and requested to the development partners for their support to bridge the funding gap.
GoN, UNDP ,   (2009 )
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11.01.00  -  Educational Policy And Planning
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