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Market Watch 67 - July 2014
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The July 2014 issue of Market Watch 67 consists of the following highlights:
 In July 2014, retail prices of most food commodities monitored in 12 markets across Nepal showed an upward trend due to the lean season and the monsoon period.
 Overall inflation rate in July 2014 was 8.1%. The food and beverage group was higher at 11.1%, as were several sub-groups: fruits (25.5%), vegetables (21.2%), meat and fish (15.9%), and milk and dairy products (10.9 percent).
FNCCI/AEC, MoAD, CIPF, WFP ,   (2014 )
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 WFP : Food and Emergency humanitarian logistict support
04.01.01  -  Agricultural Economics And Policy; Rural Sociology
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