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The United Nations understands that the concept goes far deeper than ceasefires and the management of fighting forces. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in his 2014 report Peace building in the Immediate Aftermath of Conflict’, states that “p]sot-conflict peace building is a generational undertaking that relies heavily on predictable financial, technical and political support in the short, medium and long term.” Peace building, the report asserts, should establish the foundations of “long-term peace and stability and avoid the recurrence of conflicts.Completing Nepal’s Transition, Achievements, challenges, and a way forward, Governments always hold more responsibility in resolving any conflict; the peace process cannot begin with rebels, The peace process has passed through some critical junctures but we have yet to conclude, Integration was possible because both the Nepal Army and Maoist combatants accepted political decisions,Driven by internal actors, Nepal’s peace process has largely been respectable affair, Nepal’s exemplary peace process, Whither the peace dividend, continuing transition,Women in Nepal’s peace process, connecting the peaces,Functional responsibilities and transition into a federal system,From Rolpa to Kathmandu, Federalism will be particularly incomplete without a proper design for fiscal federalism,This land is our land, too little, too late, The role of equality in sustaining peace, National ownership is essential to success; the role of international
actors is secondary,Socioeconomic Impact of the Return of Voluntary Retirees to the Communities,The problem in Nepal is not lack of money, it is lack of
UNDP ,   (2014 )
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14.02.02  -  Human Rights
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