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Theory And Application of 'do no Harm'-NASC Conflict Sensitivity Series Training Handbook no 2
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The Do No Harm framework can be looked at in two segments, the analytical part on one hand and the programmatic one on the other. The analytical part deals with understanding the conflict context while the programmatic part deals with unpacking the assistance and programming it to suit the context.Do No Harm has its origins in the Local Capacities for Peace Project, which was collaborative effort among different organizations, agencies and donors. based on case studies of aid experiences in conflict areas collected through a series of workshops.conflict sensitivity that highlights the mitigation of negative impacts. With new and pluralistic conflicts emerging after the armed conflict in Nepal, analyzing dividers and connectors is not any more that simple. To understand the context in a more detailed way, other tools of context analysis are used, from which an analysis of dividers and connectors are then derived. In an open conflict, positioning of the conflicting parties are clearer, which makes it easier to identify who is fighting with whom and who are connected and divided. However, in the present context of Nepal, conflicts are more complex, entangled with multiple issues. therefore recommended that before analyzing dividers and connectors, simpler and participative conflict analysis tools must be used before initiating a Do No Harm analysis.
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