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The Government of Norway Decides to Reduce development Assistance to Nepal.
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The Government of Norway considers the development after 1 February as a serious setback in regards to multiparty democracy, to constitutional monarchy, to human rights, and to finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing violent conflict. As a result, the Government of Norway has made the decision to reduce the planned bilateral financial assistance for 2006 by NOK 15 mill. 10%. On the same basis, the decision has been made to terminate,with immediate effect, the bilateral agreement on financial support to the Melamchi Water Supply Project, says H.E. Ambassador Tore Torrent.the decision has been made not to enter into any new bilateral agreements between Norway and Nepal. We would like to underline that the decision to reduce our financial support to Nepal in 2006 will not effect our ongoing commitments under the Education for All Programmer, says H.E. Ambassador Torent.The development cooperation will now focus more on efforts to promote democracy and human rights, including support to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNOHCHR) mission in Nepal.
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