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UNDP reached an agreement with the Government on a number of strategic and immediate measures bringing fundamental changes to its country programmer framework in Nepal.This initiative is part ambitious exercise where the organization is reviewing its programmer effectiveness, mode of delivery and safety and security of its project staff at the field level. The objective is to ensure its programmed remain relevant, effective and responsive to the evolving situation precipitated by the conflict.UNDP is planning on establishing a Pilot Programmer Field Office in Nepalgunj. UNDP team just returned from Western Nepal to survey the area and assess the needs for the establishment of this office. This pilot programmer field office will be responsible for the coordination and monitoring of projects in over 20 districts of the mid and far western regions of Nepal. This initiative will help
address the issue of access and security of staff and ensure speedy implementation of activities at the community level.
UNDP ,   (2005 )
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