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Sani News- Vol.3, Issue 2, July-December 2014,
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Sani News is a six month e-bulletin of Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) Programme Nepal, 3rd volume of 2nd issue of July-December 2014. This newsletter consists of the following headlines: Bajura & Arghakhanchi become the 16th and 17th THE 16TH AND 17TH ODF districs in Nepal, GSF introduction, Toilet in free bonded laborer colony, Toilet instead of goat, Commitment of local leaders in Dhanusha, Own effort to construct toilet, An innovative approach to build toilet, Dolakha adopting fast track for ODF campaigning, West Kaushaha VDC towards ODF, Terai sanitation update, Celebration of handwashing day 2014 in GFS Terai districts, Interaction with district engineers from Terai, GSF family's 2nd quarterly review meeting of Terai sanitation campaign in Lalgadh, 30 VDC in Bara going to be declared ODF by 2015.
UNHABITAT ,   (2014 )
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 UNHABITAT : Human Settlements
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