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Rapid Assessment of Conflict Induced Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) for their Return, Resettlement and Reintegration
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This study is designed to assess the situation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and recommend to the government to settle the IDP issues in the context of changing scenario of the conflicts in Nepal. This study is based on primary as well as secondary information. The primary information is collected through Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with Conflict Induced Internally Displacement Persons in three locations (i.e. the Kathmandu Valley, Nepalgunj and Dhangadhi), In-depth Interview
with Governmental Offices and Non-Governmental Organizations working in the process of IDPs’ return to their place of residence, and Mailed Questionnaire to International Non Governmental Organizations (INGOs) working with IDP Issues. The information about the complaints submitted to the NHRC, monitoring report of NHRC is also analyzed. The study employs qualitative approach to data collection. Qualitative information is collected through focus group discussions with IDPs, In-depth Interview
with other stakeholders including government officials. The data is managed and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software. Displaced people are highly vulnerable. They suffer from discrimination, experience significant deprivation and are frequently impoverished. Furthermore, the IDPs are suffering from the inadequate living standards.
NHRC/UNDP ,   (2008 )
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01.03.00  -  Maintenance Of Peace And Security
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