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Nepal Investment Bank Contributes NPR 640,000 to UNHCR’s Nepal Programme
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Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL), a local bank in Nepal, has contributed NPR 640,000 equivalent to US$ 8,557 towards UNHCR’s Annual Programme for Bhutanese refugees in camps in eastern Nepal. Expressing his gratitude, UNHCR’s Representative in Nepal, Abraham Abraham said, “This is a landmark in private sector support to refugees in Nepal and a clear expression of the concern of NIBL to help a refugee population in need, and we wish to warmly thank the NIBL for its generosity.” “This contribution will be used to fund primary educational needs of the refugee students in the camps,” added Abraham. NIBL, previously Nepal Indosuez Bank Ltd., was established in 1986 as a joint
venture between Nepalese and French partners. The French partner (holding
50% of the capital of NIBL) was Credit Agricole Indosuez, a subsidiary of one the largest banking group in the world. The head office of NIBL is located in
Kathmandu and has 13 branch offices throughout the country. When contacted, Chairman and Chief Executive Director of NIBL, Mr. Prithivi B. Pande said, ”We are pleased to support UNHCR’s noble cause of educating the refugees and this is part of our corporate social responsibility.” With a mandate to protect the world's 20.7 million refugees and other persons of concern including asylum-seekers and internally displaced persons, UNHCR is entirely funded by direct, voluntary contributions from governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals.
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