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Comprehensive Effort Needed To Stop Torture And ill-Treatment in Nepal
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OHCHR-Nepal on thursday marked the 21st anniversary of the coming into force of
the united nations convention against torture and Other Cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment with programmed at its regional offices pokhara,dhangadhi and nepalgunj. 26 June is commemorated the UN international day in Support of Victims of torture.Comprehensive efforts are needed to stop torture and ill-treatment in nepal.Prosecuting acts of torture and ill-treatment to the extent possible using existing criminal laws while urgently taking steps to adopt specific legislation criminalizing torture.improving the torture Compensation Act so that it ensures in practice a victim right to the full range of reparations, which include restitution, rehabilitation and guarantees of non-repetition, as well as financial compensation. the Government to implement recommendations of the national human rights Commission. Perpetrators are almost never adequately punished, and a victim right to remedy and reparation is rarely fulfilled. as the UN Committee against torture said in its most recent conclusions recommendations, it is imperative that the government adopt legislation ensuring that torture is a crime punishable in accordance with the gravity of the of fence.
UNOHCHR ,   (2008 )
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