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UN-HABITAT had been present in Nepal intermittently since the late 1980s engaging in a number of technical assistance programmes in the field of
human settlements development. In 2005, the Water for Asian Cities was launched in the country focusing on water and environmental sanitation infrastructure and administration. The primary governmental counterpart for this programme is the Ministry of Physical Planning Works and its relevant departments, while secondary counterparts are local authorities. As of September 2007, a Habitat Programme Manger has also been recruited to strengthen representation of the agency with government and the UN Country
Team. This UN-HABITAT Country Programme Document (HCPD) has been developed in the context of a historically significant political transition that is taking place in Nepal at present. The HCPD attempts to address key urban development challenges and priorities on the thematic areas of land and housing, shelter and basic services, capacity development and urban governance. The coverage of the HCPD is within the framework of the government’s of the development goals
and priorities on housing, urban development and water and sanitation. The HCPD also follows the framework provided by the Medium Term Strategic and Institutional Plan (2008 -2013) of UN-HABITAT. The HCPD encompasses three components (1) Support to Housing Policy (2) Support to Urban Development Policy and (c) Support to Urban Water and Sanitation and are as follows; Support to Housing Policy include components like (a) revision of National housing policy (b) Community based Housing for marginalized families (c) National Slum Upgrading Strategy and investment plan (d) Supporting three year interim plan on slum upgrading initiative of MPPW/DUDBC and (e) Capacity of
enhancement of national partners. Support to Urban Development Policy include
components like (a) Establishment of National urban forum (b) Localizing MDG and monitoring MDGs. (c) Raising the profile of the sector to attract investments and (d) Enhancing capacity of national partners. Support in Urban Water and Sanitation include components like (a) Improving pro-poor urban
WATSAN Governance (b) Promoting Urban Water Demand Management (c) Integrated Urban Environmental Sanitation and (d) Capacity Building and advocacy. It is expected that the HCPD will be instrumental in assisting the government of Nepal in the field of human settlements in partnership with Asian Development Bank (ADB), The World Bank (WB), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), GTZ – Urban Development through Local Efforts (UDLE), GTZ – Urban Development through Local Efforts (udle) and other development agencies engaged in Nepal.
UNHABITAT ,   (2008 )
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