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OHCHR-Nepal Welcomes Judicial Reform Of The Supreme Court
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Nepal Representative Richard Bennett on Tuesday met newly appointed
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Rt. Hon Min Bahadur Rayamajhi.The
Representative, in the meeting, noted a number of judicial reforms which the Chief
Justice has initiated. The judicial reforms include the establishment of a Court Decisions Enforcement Directorate, the setting up of telephone hotline service for use by persons who wish to register a complaint about irregularities within the judicial system and the installation of CCTV in he Supreme Court so as to enhance transparency. The Representative welcomed the initiatives taken by the Chief Justice, recognizing the critical role of the Supreme Court in protecting human rights and the rule of law. The Representative reiterated OHCHR’s willingness to support the judiciary and forthcoming collaborative ventures were discussed including seminars for judicial officers in relation to human rights, to be undertaken in conjunction with the National Judicial Academy. OHCHR will also be continuing to work to support the independence of the judiciary.
UNOHCHR ,   (2009 )
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