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South Asian Journalists Commemorate World Press Freedom Day 2009 During a Two Day Regional Conference in Kathmandu Entitled “Media and Dialogue”
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UNESCO, jointly with OHCHR and the Federation of Nepali Journalists, convened a regional conference in Kathmandu on 3 and 4 May to observe World Press Freedom Day. Participants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan focused on this year’s theme: The potential of media in fostering dialogue, mutual understanding and reconciliation. More than 150 media practitioners from Nepal and from the region attended the inauguration ceremony which was opened by Nepal's President, Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. Following the screening of a video on the visit of the International Media Mission (IMM) to Nepal in February 2009, during which UNESCO along with other members of the mission expressed deep concern over the deterioration of press freedom in Nepal, the President officially launched the report “A call to end violence and impunity”, prepared by the IMM. During the discussions and the experience-sharing sessions, South Asian journalists showcased three specific themes of common interest and concern, namely: the limits to press freedom in South Asia; the potential of media in fostering dialogue, and the role of the media in empowering citizens in countries in transition. Issues, such as access to reliable information, providing accurate and unbiased information to citizens and media as a platform for public debate and interaction between civil society and policy-makers were addressed. Particular attention was given to how media in South Asia deals with stereotypes and prejudices, religion and democracy and tolerance and freedom of opinion.
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