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Nepal Highlights Progress And Challenges on UN MineAction Awareness Day
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Landmines and other explosive devices have killed or injured 197 Nepalis since the end of the conflict in 2006. these explosions could have been prevented. landmines and other remnants of war such as improvised explosive devices used during the decade-long conflict continue to take the lives and limbs of Nepal especially children.while the total number of casualties in Nepal decreased from 104 casualties in 2007 to 73 in 2008, children made up 63percent casualties. this gives Nepal one of the highest child casualty rates in the world. women make up another 32 percent of the casualties and incidents have been reported in all five regions of Nepal.the mine action joint working group is bringing together members of the Nepal Government, international donors, UN agencies, local international NGOs, and the Nepal armed forces to work together to prevent further unnecessary tragedy. On Monday the joint working group will mark the UN-declared 4 annual international day for mine awareness assistance in mine action. the meeting will include an interactive panel of mine action experts presentation of new defining equipment by the donating embassies a reception and other activities.this international day is an opportunity to highlight the significant achievements that have been made in Nepal to address the threat of these terrible weapons, and to raise awareness of the ongoing danger they pose to women, children, and men across Nepal”said Hugues Laurence from UNICEF.“While many challenges still face the mine action community, a great deal has been done in the past year to improve the safety of Nepalis and address the threat of these indiscriminate devices
UNICEF ,   (2009 )
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