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High Level Consultations Nepal – Denmark, 19 – 21 May 2009
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The High Level Consultations between Nepal and Denmark took place from 19 – 21 May 2009. The Danish delegation was headed by Ms. Sus Ulbaek, Under-Secretary of State for Africa, Asia, America and The Middle East in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegation met with senior political leaders
and government officials to exchange views on the bilateral development cooperation and the political situation. There was satisfaction with the Nepal – Denmark development cooperation. Denmark’s annual development assistance to Nepal is around 2,7 billion NPR. The achievements in the development
programmes were appreciated and, among others, it was noticed that the primary school enrollment rate had increased to 92% with girls constituting almost half of the students. Denmark’s support to the energy sector had provided electricity to some 250.000 households from solar panels, micro hydro installations and extension of the national electricity grid. Also Denmark’s support to human rights, local governance and the peace process was welcomed.
The delegation underlined that peace and the rule of law was crucial to conduct development activities and to create a favorable investment climate for domestic and foreign investors. It was also emphasized that there was a need for improved governance including more effective combating of corruption.
UNOHCHR ,   (2009 )
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