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The theme "Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices". This theme was chosen to highlight the role of media in supporting indigenous peoples’ models of development that are in accordance with their own priorities, cultures and knowledge systems.The power of media in shaping people’s lives is widely acknowledged.But communication and media are also the keys to raising awareness, sharing knowledge and supporting a broader debate on indigenous knowledge, culture and values.Nepal, indigenous peoples’ communities ave so far little access, voice and participation in the mainstream media.build the capacity of indigenous journalists, and to sensitize media professionals from as many ethnic groups as possible to better understand and cover the issues affecting indigenous people, says Axel Plathe, Head of UNESCO Office in Kathmandu.Intangible heritage is not only a source of identity and history. Values and ways of thinking,reflected in the languages, oral traditions and diverse cultural manifestations,collectively created and re-created over time, are the foundation of community life.the importance of harnessing indigenous knowledge and ensuring their bearers’ continuity in producing and broadcasting their skills, including respect for their practices in public services such as education and health. Media and communication are essential tools also to create spaces for the expression of indigenous voices in the ongoing debate of the role of their culture and identity in development.
UNESCO ,   (2012 )
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