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Nepal Peace and Development Strategy: A contribution to development planning from Nepal’s international development partners
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Nepal international development partners are committed to supporting the peace process.The Strategy was developed over the past year by a cross-section of local international actors including UN agencies, bilateral aid agencies, international financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, think tanks and others.Strategy, which has also benefited from discussions with different parts of the government, articulates how development partners could assist Nepal in the years ahead to realize the development agenda embedded in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement It guides development planning so, when called upon, donors will be better able to assist with both the short-term challenges as well as the all-important long-term transition issues reflected in the CPA. The Strategy is, in effect, an offer of support development partners in specific areas that could help Nepal build peace.Development partners are also committed to ensuring this strategy does not become just another report long on ideas but short on follow-up.Plan of Action will be released as a companion document to the strata.the status of the Action Plan will be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure the actions identified are moved along. Though all actions are ultimately contingent upon support from the Government,the Action Plan will help establish a state of readiness for development partners.the extraordinary challenges and opportunities in the years ahead have been placed in stark relief. Development partners are committed to working on these issues supporting nationally-led processes.The long-term nature of these issues and the high expectations that surround them suggests Nepal should get started on such long-term undertakings with a minimum of delay.
UNRC ,   (2012 )
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