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International Mother Language Day, 21 February 2011
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International Mother Language Day, celebrated every year on 21 February, aims
to raise awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity and of multilingual education. The event is particularly important for Nepal, where more than 92 languages are spoken, with 16 languages being spoken by 97 per cent of its population and 76 languages by only 3 per cent of its population.
The theme of this year’s celebration of International Mother Language Day
relates to the importance of information and communication technologies for the
safeguarding and promotion of languages and linguistic diversity. As half of the world’s 6,000 languages are endangered, the International Mother Language Day underlines the importance of preserving this cultural and linguistic wealth, highlighting the enormous potential of new technologies for safeguarding, documenting and promoting the use of mother languages.In a message on the occasion of International Mother Language Day, UNESCO
Director-General Irina Bokova emphasizes that each language “is a unique
source of meaning for understanding, writing and expressing reality “ and that the international day is a “moment to recognize their importance and to mobilize for multilingualism and linguistic diversity.” “We must harness the power of progress to protect diverse visions of the world and to promote all sources of knowledge and forms of expression”, highlights Ms Bokova.
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