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A Conference on Higher Education Policy in Nepal will take place from 10 to 11
February 2011 in Kathmandu. The event will provide a forum to discuss
perspectives of higher education in Nepal and the development of a
comprehensive national higher education policy taking account of worldwide
trends in this area. The conference has been organized by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the National Planning Commission (NPC), the University Grants Commission, and the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu. Key themes include governance and management, access and equity, financing and quality of higher education and regional and international trends in higher education and their effects on higher education policy in Nepal. In addition to national key stakeholders such as policy makers, education planners, staff and members of faculties of higher education institutions, and private sector representatives, a variety of international higher education experts will participate, including specialists from UNESCO’s International Institute of Educational Planning, the World Bank, the National University of Education Planning and Administration of India, the Australian Universities Quality Agency and the University Grants Commissions of Bangladesh and India. Representatives of political parties and teacher and student unions are also expected to attend.
UNESCO ,   (2011 )
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