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On June 2nd and 3rd, the Kathmandu Valley echoed with the call ‘Nothing about us without us!’ The calls were part of the slogans chanted at the cricket match between blind women’s team and the Nepal National Team. The match was an idea conceived by UNDAF Vulnerable Group champions for people living with disabilities -- John Brittain, Danee Luhara and Sanjaya Aryal. They seized on the opportunity provided by
the 14th Congress of the National Federation of the Disabled Nepal. The UN Country Team is trying out something new and exciting for the 2013-2017 UNDAF cycle. The
success of the UNDAF is judged by the progress of the most vulnerable groups identifid in the Country Analysis 2011 . The UN Country Team invited staf
from all agencies to volunteer as Champions to drive forward the cause of each of the 19 vulnerable groups.
UNRCHCO(UNRCO) ,   (2013 )
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 UNRCHCO (UNRCO) : UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator Office (UN Resident Coordinator Office)
14.05.04  -  Welfare And Social Services
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