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UN Women Executive Director launches First Ever Knowledge Hub for Elected Women Representatives Living in Rural Areas of South Asia
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In partnership with Governments across South Asia, UN Women’s Executive Director Michelle Bachelet and four elected women representatives from South Asia launched the first ever knowledge hub for elected women representatives in rural areas across the region. Unveiled in the presence of more than 200 women leaders, experts and policy makers,the knowledge hub will use audio and video content in different languages to reach women leaders in remote, cutting past
literacy and linguistic barriers.“This is a huge leap forward for women leaders across South Asia. The Regional Centre for Excellence will ensure that much needed information is available to them in different languages.This will undoubtedly strengthen their leadership and provide them with skills to perform their roles more effectively,” said Ms. Bachelet. Also present at the launch was Bhavana Damor, a three-term sarpanch (village head) from Rampur Mewada Gram Panchayat(village council) in Rajasthan. “Greater access to information will help us serve our communities more effectively. If our women decide to stand on her own feet, then development will be for all within the community,” said Ms.Damor. Women from Bhutan or Madhya Pradesh will be able to share their experiences by uploading audio-visual content on mobiles using an interactive application, Wi-Net. Zareena Begum from Mahboobnagar in Andhra Pradesh is one of the fifty women who have already used the mobile application. “We are finally able to air our problems and concerns through this application. We just hope someone is listening so that they can be solved,” she said.
UNWOMEN ,   (2012 )
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