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An important and timely initiative to encourage citizens to claim their rights according to Nepal’s 2007 Right to Information Act has just started with the launch of the project “Empowering people to enjoy their Right to Information for greater accountability of Nepal’s power holders”. The project, which is funded by the European Union under its European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, will be managed by UNESCO. The European Union has extended a contribution of EUR 290,000 (NPR 20.9 Million) for the EUR 365,000 project. Main project partners are the Federation of Nepali Journalists, representing a majority of Nepal’s journalists, and Citizen’s Campaign for Right to Information, specialized in campaigning related to the Right to Information. "The European Union has stepped in to support the efforts of its partners in ensuring the effective implementation of the Right to Information Act since it is hoped that doing so will contribute to better good governance, more transparency, accountability and democratic consolidation in the long run," says Alexander Spachis, Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to Nepal.
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