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The Gender Audit of The Response To HIV in Nepal
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The Gender Audit uses a participatory methodology to collect data on gender and the national response to HIV from a wide range of stakeholders from government and civil society, including the UN Country Team and Joint Team on AIDS through desk reviews of policy and project documents, key informant interviews and focus group discussions. This methodology ensures that the voices of women and other vulnerable groups feed into the report, enabling their issues to be highlighted. The Gender Audit assesses the current response to HIV and gender in Nepal and identifies successful interventions and the challenges in mainstreaming gender in HIV and AIDS interventions in the country. Although gender was identified as a guiding principle in the National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2006-2011, efforts must be made to ensure that gender issues are specifically addressed beyond rhetoric or policy pronouncement and that these efforts improve the lives of women and girls in Nepal and reduce their vulnerability to HIV. The findings and recommendations from this Gender Audit will inform the development of both the UNAIDS Country Office work plan and the next National Strategic Plan 2011-2016, ensuring that the gender dimension of the HIV response in Nepal are recognized and addressed.

UNAIDS ,   (2012 )
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Annual Report in English
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14.02.01  -  Discrimination
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