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UNHCR maintains direct contact with the Government both at the central and local level. It is an active member of a number of joint UN coordination mechanisms in the country and leads several thematic coordination mechanisms. implementing Partners ministry of home affairs association of medical doctors of Asia CARITA Nepal Lutheran world federation Nepal bar association trans-cultural psychosocial Organization Dalt NGO federation forum for women law and development UNV and UNOPS Operational partners international catholic migration commission IOM and WFP.UNHCR facilitates the safe transit of Tibetan new arrivals through Nepal to India and ensures that their protection and material needs are addressed while in Nepal. for the estimated 15,000 Tibetans refugees, UNHCR continues to advocate with the authorities for their registration and issuance of documentation. UNHCR provides protection and assistance to some 500 urban asylum-seekers and refugees in Nepal from about11 different countries majority come from pakistan, Myanmar, and somalia they are considered by the government of Nepal to be illegal migrants under the existing laws. the nutrition programmer in the camps concentrates on the most vulnerable groups such as children under five years, pregnant and lactating women, and elderly refugees. food rations are distributed by WFP.
UNHCR ,   (2014 )
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14.02.02  -  Human Rights
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