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State of stateless citizens: A case study on citizenship and landlessness issues of the Santhal community Issue 5
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Citizenship has wide-ranging consequences for people’s social, political and economic life. Citizenship is an important medium through which people interact with the state and define their social,political,and cultural identities. A citizenship certificate can have a direct impact upon a person’s life especially when required, for instance, to apply for a government or nongovernmental job, to open a bank account, to enforce rights (eg to purchase land), to register births and marriages, to acquire passports or to claim social security benefits such as those for the disabled, widows or the elderly.
The number of Nepali citizens who don’t have a citizenship certificate is often disputed.What is clear and undisputed however is that obtaining a citizenship certificate is more complicated for certain groups than it is for others. Poor and marginalized social groups in the Tarai(e.g. Madhesis, Janajatis and Dalits), especially women, are amongst those most affected and thus suffer from facto statelessness. Their condition of statelessness caused by the lack of citizenship certificates further aggravates social and economic marginalization of discriminated groups like the Santhal community in Eastern Tarai (see box below). This field bulletin is based on interviews
conducted in two predominantly Santhal settlements in Garamani and Jalthal VDCs of Jhapa district. The interviews aimed at examining access to citizenship certificates and associated rights for the traditionally marginalized Santhal community.Interviews were held with members of the Santhal community as well as
of the Nepal Santhal Adiwasi Utthan Sangh.
UNRCHCO ,   (2011 )
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