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The Great Turnabout: Agrarian changes and its impact on class and caste dynamics in Tarai villages - Issue 8
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Krishna Kanta Jha,a native of Tilathi VDC in Saptari district,a redominantly Bramhin settlement right on the Indian border, displays a conspicuous indifference when asked about last season’s harvest. It hardly concerns him as he has rented out his two bighas of remaining land after selling nearly six bighas of land in the last five years. Regardless of the harvest, he will get the fixed rent from the tenant, Ajodhi Mandal,who hails from the same VDC and used to work for him as a share cropper. Both men have a story of change to share; a change that has defined and redefined their socio-economic
and political relationship over the years. A significant volume of work done by researchers on land ownership, land reforms and agrarian transformation is available and they are important to understand the issues around
the political economy of land ownership and agrarian changes. However, although most recognize the role of the state in dealing with land reforms, food security and technological advancement, they often fail to
note the positive changes in socio-economic and political dynamics that is taking place in the rural agrarian communities affected. This field bulletin will try to complement existing knowledge around the issue as well as try to
generate interest among stakeholders by focusing on the gradual, but subtle, evolution of the new socioeconomic and political order in rural Tarai communities.
UNRCHCO ,   (2011 )
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04.01.01  -  Agricultural Economics And Policy; Rural Sociology
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