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Freed Haliya in the Far West and their land concerns - Issue 7
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Haliya pratha is an exploitative system of agrarian bonded labour practiced in the Far and Mid Western Regions of Nepal in particular. Haliya are those who served as agricultural bonded labourers for landlords to till the land and undertake heavy manual labour. In 2010, the Ministry of Land Reform and Management (MoLRM) organised a consultative meeting with stakeholders and put forward a draft ‘Haliya System (Prohibition) Bill’. The draft bill sets out the rights of freed haliya, establishes a rehabilitation fund, a case litigation and appeal process as well as provisions for punishment.11 The draft bill also provisioned for central and district committees headed by the Secretary of the MoLRM and CDOs respectively (or by an officer appointed by them). The main roles and responsibilities of the district committee included keeping up to date information on the haliya, implementation of haliya rehabilitation programmes and a coordination role in regards to agencies which implement education and income generation programmes.
UNRCHCO ,   (2011 )
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